From June of 2001 to January-February 2004, I was the author of a Web log called Under a Blackened Sky. According to my about statement, it was a blog that examined "technology, politics, law, medicine, and just about anything that intersects at least one of these issues -- in other words, like so many other Webloogers, I [wrote] about life and the things that [caught] my eye." This is not an especially descriptive statement, but I suppose it will have to do.

Fed up with the stigma associated with blogging, the general triumphalist atmosphere that surrounded -- and continues to surround -- blogging in general, and the idiocy in particular that afflicted a number of bloggers in particular, I decided it wasn't worth continuing to be a part of. So I closed it and focused on other things. I cannot say this was a mistake.

Yet there were some things that got written that I was exceptionally proud of, and I feel that they need to be preserved, directly, and for posterity. I get requests for some of this stuff occasionally, so I'm putting it back on-line. I can't promise there'll be enough context all of the time to be able to pick out precisely what's going on, but hopefully you'll find it interesting stuff.

And now, the linkage..
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