Articles of faith

I frequently joke that there’s a Simpsons analogy for virtually every situation in life, even if it’s one that only hard-core fans of the show are likely to get. This frequently amuses me, though people who don’t have my encyclopedic knowledge of the series typically find these analogies painful, useless, and incomprehensible. In my own mind, though, I process at least a substantial chunk of the world through the lens that is the Simpsons. (Chris Turner’s excellent book is a more thorough examination of the topic, and the more general phenomenon of the Simpsons as a form of social currency.)

Well, it wasn’t immediately apparent to me, but it turns out that you can use the Simpsons as a method to understand the 2005 baseball season. This guy did the heavy lifting, and now I find myself rolling my eyes at the adventures of Bumblebee Man and Barney Gumble. Who’da thought?

PS: The Season Six DVD set is wonderrific. Go buy it immediately.