Low-threshold links

  • Herewith, a compendium of some of the best bad movie reviews Roger Ebert’s ever written.
  • A mindbogglingly comprehensive guide (?) to Japan’s railways. Includes audio (the subject of another post for another day) and — this is the part I really love — photographs of station exteriors, signage, and platforms. Question: Could I have used something like this while I was over there? Answer: YES! Indispensible for anyone planning a trip to Japan and thinking of using the trains to get around (which is basically everybody).
  • Lara Specialty Tools has some awfully interesting stuff and a very thorough primer on screw types.
  • Cindy Sheehan bashers: Idiots or misogynists? You
    decide. (No, I still can’t shake my blog punditry habit. It sucks. I need help.)

  • Anyone who hasn’t been reading The Poor Man is to be pitied and then ridiculed mercilessly. Andrew’s been on fire (to re-use a stupid and hoary blog cliche).
  • I’m probably a loser for admitting this, but the best time waster in the world after Yarchive is probably some combination of Wikipedia and Wikitravel. When did these things go from being “merely interesting” to “shockingly useful”?