Too much geography, lots of (fake) history


It’s been said that Canada has “too much geography and not enough history.” I don’t entirely agree, but I do know that Canada doesn’t have nearly enough alternate history. And it’s a shame. Bookshelves groan with Nazi alternates (alterNazis?) and Civil War alternates; I’ve never seen an alternate Canada. Of course, Canada is kind of an alternate version of the United States already. What if the Thirteen Colonies had not revolted in 1776? Well, four colonies didn’t—skip ahead a couple of centuries and they’re legalizing swinging and queer marriages and smoking the chronic.

I give you five journeys north of the border gone astray: five alternate Canadas.

The first one is kinda short, the second one is fucking hilarious. I won’t spoil the punch line, but let’s just say it combines many of the best and worst elements of the 20th century into one seriously huge ball, and includes, as a comment, the concept of “GURPS WWI: Blame Canada,” which I would pay good money to see, play, and enjoy.