It's still a damn cult

I’ve lately become more and more pissed off at my collection of computers and have been, in my more idle moments, contemplating throwing them all into a swamp and buying a Mac. Then I wake up, shake off the dream, and realize that (1) I don’t want a Mac, (2) I don’t want a Mac, and (3) A Mac won’t play Grand Theft Auto, so I don’t want one. (An XBox would, but I don’t want an XBox, either.) It’s been a while since I said anything disparaging about my least favorite toy computer, or any computer, really, so it was nice to come across a damn funny article about Apple, media hype, and, uh.. well, that’s about it. Bonus points:

The Apple Polishers
Explaining the press corps’ crush on Steve Jobs and company.
By Jack Shafer
Posted Thursday, Oct. 13, 2005, at 7:04 PM ET

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Isn’t machine-generated templating great? Oh yeah.

Jack Shafer is a seriously funny bugga.