Yeah, but the SOFTWARE…

It has come to my understanding that Apple software contains no cryptic error messages:

I mean, the platform is error-message neutral. What they’re really trying to say is that Apple software does not contain cryptic error messages, that their error messages are helpful and informative.

Oh yeah? So do you think I could get iTunes to explain to me exactly what the hell “Disc burner or software not found…” means? Or maybe (and this might be my favorite, ever) this:

The last failed audio CD burn had error code -128(0xffffff80). It happened on drive on -128(0xffffff80) media at speed 0X.

Yeah, not so much. WTF?

Seriously, Apple? Go shove that sanctimony right up your Firewire port, ok? Ok.

Dr. Hazmat,
(should note the actual windows burning applications work just fine, thanks)