Take that!

Aerodrome Safety reported that the aircraft, a French registered CL-5T ( Global Express) arrived at Whitecourt and parked at the forestry ramp without asking permission or requesting prior authorization. Fire fighting operations were and have been in full force for three weeks at Whitecourt. Firecats, CL- 215 etc. not to mention helicopters of all shapes, stripes and sizes. The crew were asked to move their aircraft because two Lockheed Electras retrofitted for aerial fire retardant/firefighting needed the ramp space. They reluctantly moved their aircraft when told that if they didn’t airside operations would. After all this the crew then went on a walkabout and were intercepted by the APM who gave them verbal counseling on airside protocols and etiquette in both official languages. The APM was born in Three Rivers QC so the language card that the crew attempted to use was trumped.