For old time's sake

I unsubscribed from a bunch of mailing lists I don’t read anymore in an attempt to cut down on the amount of e-mail I need to deal with on a day-to-day basis. One of them was still managed not by mailman (the evilness of which is self-evident even to casual observers), not by Majordomo (“most recent version is dated January 2000”), but by LISTSERV. Which is something, in this day and age; you don’t see that very often.

LISTSERV has a whole host of weird behaviors that, even back in the day, seemed oddly quaint; now, they’re just bizarre. (It always felt to me like it was written by and for people who thought JCL and its ilk were the pinnacle of human-computer interaction. For all I know, this may actually be true — but whatever.) I had, however, forgotten about this little gem, tacked on to the end of my “SIGNOFF” request:

Summary of resource utilization
 CPU time:        0.010 sec                Device I/O:        0
 Overhead CPU:    0.004 sec                Paging I/O:        0
 CPU model:         8-CPU 1.6GHz Xeon (1M)

It warms my heart to think that somewhere on the Internet, someone still cares about overhead and process accounting for e-mail.