For the win!

Times Colonist: Man tells how he found loaded M72 rocket launcher in bush next to highway. This story plays out exactly like you would expect it to — guy finds a loaded, live weapon discarded on the side of the Malahat (which raises a number of interesting questions in and of itself). It’s not so much funny as it is just weird, and maybe a little disconcerting; there are a bunch of very legitimate questions that need answering here.

Now, normally, one should not read comments on newspaper stories for the safety of one’s soul (and this goes double at the TC). But I couldn’t resist. I’m glad I did. Because one guy just won the entire Internet for the whole year:

9:22 AM on October 29, 2010

Bruce Cockburn sought for questioning.

I… got nothing. I was going to put something witty here, but after that line by wryguy, there’s nothing else to say.


Observe the Boeing 787-8 as it undergoes velocity minimum unstick, wet runway, and crosswind landing testing:

I know I’m a big geek for saying so, but that is one sexy looking airplane.

Paul Harvey time

Everyone has seen the video of the Cebu Pacific flight attendants dancing their way through a pre-takeoff briefing. It turns out there’s more to the story than has been initially reported. The executive summary is that it was done in cruise as part of a test project to gauge customer reactions (after having done a more traditional briefing before departure). CEB is apparently happy with the response.

No word on whether future flights will include trials with other modern pop horrors.


(Tech note: This is also a test to see whether the database can handle having unicode as part of the reference key…)

Edited to add: まじで?


Compare and contrast the full-scale version:

The only way these could get any better is if some VW-sized walker tank were to come out and start shooting tennis balls at everyone.